"I would recommend this practice to anyone.  I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Y and ALL of her staff.  I have had a lot of major dental work done with her and after seeing many different dentists throughout my life...I have found her work to be excellent.  On top of that, everyone there is incredibly friendly and they all make you feel right at home." - Debra N., San Francisco

"Boy, am I happy to have finally found Dr. Y and her staff at Cable Car Dental!  Dr. Y and her staff are super nice and friendly and my teeth and gums have greatly improved since starting to see her. She had a spot-on recommendation for a new toothbrush (Sonicare rules!) and always explains to me what is going on and deals very nicely with my low tolerance for pain.  Her awesome staff helps deal with the whole insurance part, so it is relatively painless for me. (Yay for painless!)" - Melissa R., San Francisco

"GREAT EXPERIENCE EVERY TIME! Dr. Ostrovsky is a very knowledgeable and patient. Herself and her staff has always been very personal and attentive. I have recommended her services to my friends and family and everyone have been very happy with her." - Helen C., San Francisco

"Like many others, I hate the dentist. But coming here is different! It's kind of like Cheers - where everybody knows your name! I don't know if they keep some secret file somewhere about you, your job, your life, and review it before you come in - but they always know my face, ask how my job is going, how my vacation was, etc. Very personalized service!  I have yet to be disappointed!  Everyone from Tara at the front desk, to Robin and Jennifer that clean your teeth, to Dr. Y are nothing but warm and pleasant. I'm admittedly a horrible flosser and no one rips my gums, or yells at me... they just tell me they're there to encourage, not to reprimand. Wow. They also know everyone's insurance plan inside and out and do everything possible to keep your out of pocket cost to a minimum.  I would highly recommend this office to anyone who needs a friendly, personalized and competent dentist. I have sent numerous friends and co-workers there with great sucess." - Kate L., San Francisco

"Dr. Yelena Ostrovsky  is great!! She is competent and sincere.
I feel very comfortable going there. The staff are very friendly.
I alway leave with a smile.  I introduced my 2 daughters and my
wife there also. My whole family have a wonderful experience going there.  Dr. Ostrovsky is good with kids and need I say more." - Jenny W., San Francisco